Alliance Scale Offers Products to Meet New Hazard Communication Standards

Alliance Scale Offers Products to Meet New Hazard Communication Standards

The HCS requires manufacturers and importers of chemicals to list the hazards of all chemicals they produce or import. These companies must properly label the chemicals and include safety data sheets with them to inform all of their customers of potential hazards. In the workplace, employers must have the same information available and all workers who are exposed to chemicals must be fully trained to handle them.

Although companies can easily be compliant with the new law going forward by using proper labeling equipment, there is the issue of older chemicals that may still be in the workplace. If the labels aren’t legible or have come off, they need to be replaced with new ones. For chemicals ordered prior to the change in regulations, those chemicals must include any information as topotential health hazards. For example, if they contain carcinogens which are cancer causing chemicals, or mutagens which are chemicals that can cause genetic or birth defects.

Alliance Scale has offered label systems since 1979 and understands how important following OSHA standards is for any company. These high quality pressure sensitive labeling systems provide the right solution to a wide range of labeling needs and applications, including the new OSHA standards. These systems have varying sizes of label heads to accommodate any labeling job.

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