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Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ SURVIVOR truck scales utilize up to 35 percent more steel content than competitor truck scales, providing the deck support and overall weighbridge strength to last a generation or more.

The compact, low-profile SURVIVOR OTR steel deck installs quickly—ready to weigh heavy loads and withstand constant traffic in as little as one day, getting production processes up and running as quickly as possible.

The SURVIVOR OTR steel deck features a wide-flange I-beam construction. 12-inch wide-flange beams on 11.5-inch centers run longitudinally with the traffic flow beneath a 5/16-inch diamond plate deck.

The wide-flange I-beam construction helps minimize deflection (vertical flexing), a major factor in determining the life of the weighbridge.

Many other manufacturers use lighter beams and bent plates in the middle of the bridge, or may space beams farther away from the center of the module to reduce the cost of the scale. Over time, this type of bridge can bow, causing inaccuracies in weighments, scale downtime and eventually scale failure.

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