Moisture Analysis

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Moisture Analysis • Halogen or IR heating elements –MB45/35/25 have a fast and even heating halogen lamp, while the MB23 uses a glass free IR heating system. • Simple or Advanced – The MB45 features powerful software with an integrated database to store 50 drying procedures along with the ability to track statistical data. All products feature multiple shutoff criteria to save time and cost.

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Item #Standard FeaturesCapacityReadabilityPan Size (in)
MB23% moisture or % solids or weight (g), temperature, time110g0.01 g3.5 inch
MB25% moisture or % solids or weight (g), temperature, time110 g0.005 g3.5 inch
MB35% moisture, time, temperature, weight35 g0.002 g3.54
MB45% moisture, % solids, time, temperature, weight, test ID, drying curve45 g0.001 g3.54

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