Precision in American Manufacturing

On November 19th, 2013 the United States will celebrate the first annual American Made Matters Day. The Day represents a celebration of American manufacturing and the reshoring movement to bring production back from overseas factories. Having consumer products made within our borders ensures that strict production guidelines are being met, that worker safety is a top priority, and that American currency stays in America.

One of the keys to an efficient manufacturing process is having access to accurate product measurements at all stages of the supply chain. For many industries that require laboratory production methods, including chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, having precise measurements of all components is vital. If a formula is off by even a milligram, it can throw off the entire batch and make it unusable. For this reason, it’s important to have weighing and measurement devices equipped to handle such exact specifications. Precision Balances help improve accuracy in laboratory measurement by allowing chemists and other workers to know exactly how much of each ingredient they currently have, and how much more they still require.

Once the product is manufactured, there are still many more steps requiring accurate measurements before the item hits store shelves. Counting scales allow workers to know how many individual pieces are present in a batch. So if a shipment requires 50 screws, rather than having a person count out each individual screw, this scale is able to calculate how many pieces are present based on the overall weight of the batch.

Counting scales are also extremely useful in keeping track of inventory once products make it to the warehouse. Knowing the total weight of 500 boxes will make it easier to see when one is missing based on the weight of the load – without having to count all 500 boxes.

By supplying a variety of measurement devices and scales to the U.S. manufacturing and logistics sectors, Alliance Scale supports American manufacturing at all stages. Learn more about our products and capabilities by requesting a service call online.