Keeping Track of Inventory in Light of Recent Thefts

Making headlines in recent months were some major cases of food theft. Right before the Superbowl, two men in Georgia reportedly stole 10 pallets of chicken wings worth $65,000. More recently, a Connecticut man allegedly stole $10,000 worth of the much loved wings. And in Germany, about 5 tons of Nutella worth approximately $20,000 were stolen from a parked trailer this past April.

What can be learned from these cases? The importance of keeping track of inventory.

Imagine seeing an empty warehouse and being unsure of just how much was there in the first place. Counting scales can solve this problem.

A counting scale can convert weight measurements into piece-counts. Rather than weigh and count each product individually by hand, this scale does an automatic conversion for you. So if 5 tons of hazelnut spread suddenly goes missing, you’ll know exactly how many items that translates to.

Most manufacturers take inventory twice a year to track losses and gain insight into purchasing trends. In this case, renting a counting scale is the ideal option. The scales themselves can cost thousands of dollars depending on the required model. For a company that will only use this product one or two times per year, the investment might not be worth it.

Alternatively, for companies that are frequently weighing and counting deliverables, the expenditure might be worthwhile. It all depends on how often you plan to use the scale in your operations, and the cost-benefit of renting versus purchasing over time. This is something that each individual company must consider to determine which option is best for them.