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How Important Is it to Regularly Calibrate Your Industrial Weighing Scale?

Hidden Costs and Risks Associated with an Inaccurate Measuring Scale Can Be Much Higher than the Cost of Calibration

A weighing scale is only as good as its calibration. So, when was the last time you got your weighing scale inspected? If you use scales, or any measuring device for that matter, the importance of appropriate calibration cannot be stressed enough. Calibration is comparing a known standard or measurement to the measurement as shown by your scale or other device.


Scale Calibration Frequency

What should be considered when determining calibration frequency is the value of the product that is being weighed, ISO or your Quality Policy, number of weighments per day, if the scale is being moved from location to location, legal-for-trade applications, environment, and the percent of scale capacity that is being used.

About Alliance Scale

Alliance Scale provides expert repair and inspection services across a broad range of commercial and retail applications. Our knowledgeable, skilled technicians are always at the ready for quick response to repair or inspection needs to keep scales operational and help meet all regulatory and compliance requirements. Our service technicians can service your weigh equipment in all of the New England states including New York.

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